If you're looking for a full picture about the condition of a property, our survey service can provide you with a detailed report.

Trust us to provide you with the low-down on the condition of your residential or commercial property.


CW Mould Solutions will offer you a free, no obligation, no hassle survey to find a solution for the problems you face in your property.

We will take damp readings, measure the humidity in the property and also take airflow readings from existing ventilation products with an Anonmeter.

This will then allow us to produce a detailed report of the causes and will also include recommendations on solving the issues.

Our surveys help identify any defects and issues that aren't necessarily obvious when looking at a property, including rot, structural damage and possible problems with the roof. 

We can save you money in the long-term, by finding any problems with your property before they get worse and become expensive to fix.