We undertake a mould survey to identify and diagnose the cause of your mould, treat it and restore the affected area.

Our expert mould removal services ensure your property is safe and mould-free.


Mould cannot just be treated with household products or bleach, as this will just spread the spores and mask the problem temporarily. It is important to treat it with a COSHH certified mould removing solution.

During a survey, if mould is present, we will take measurements of the affected areas. We will then recommend a treatment which will consist of an anti-mould solution applied to the area, wiped away, and then repeated to eradicate and kill the mould. This will be followed by two coats of our anti-mould paint which prevents mould spores from settling on the surface. We also have an insulating paint which increases the wall temperature and prevents condensation returning. Once the mould is treated, the appropriate ventilation will be installed to ensure the indoor environment is maintained to an acceptable moisture level.

Once mould grows, it spreads quickly. Its invisible airborne spores travel in the air and can damage your property, health and possessions. It can be tricky finding the source of the fungus and ensuring your property is rid of it all, but that is where we can help.

Mould can create unexpected health problems as well as aggravate existing ones. Mould exposure can bring about itchy eyes, bleeding noses, headaches, memory problems, coughing and breathing issues.