Condensation is a common problem, but a problem that needs to be prevented and stopped before it causes damage to your property and health.

We don't just treat the effects of condensation, we find a solution to eradicate the causes.


The air point in our homes contain water vapour in varying quantities, with warm air
holding more water than cold air. Air is saturated when it cannot contain any more water vapour and its relative humidity (RH) is 100%.


If the temperature falls until saturation point occurs, the air will reach a temperature at which it cannot hold any more water. This temperature is known as dew point. Any further fall in temperature results in vapour being forced to condense as liquid water. This water appears as droplets on non-absorbent surfaces and is referred to as condensation.

There are three main factors which play a part in causing condensation. These include too much moisture being produced in a property, insufficient ventilation and cold surfaces.

As well as having an affect on health, condensation can also cause building finishes and fabrics to deteriorate over time, resulting in costs that could have been prevented.